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The Alchemist : How to Trust The Unknown Journey Ahead

This article uses references to the book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.

Sometimes we have trouble trusting our heart and embracing our life with all it brings to us.In his book ‘The Alchemist’, Paulo Coelho gives important lessons on how to embrace our life journey.Here are some of those lessons which are worth to remember.

Notice the Omens

The universe has its langauge; and it is using it to communicate you all the time. Notice that Santiago speaks to the elements using words: the desert, the sun, the wind; but he doesn’t use any words when speaking to the Soul of the World.This doesn’t mean they are not communicating.For Santiago, talking to the Soul of the World simply means opening his heart.They are using the langauge of universe which is much simpler than we think, which is a part of our core being.

Omens are the signs and symbols which reminds you of your personal legend. Signs appear in your life in many forms.Santiago’s dream of finding his treasure in Egypt or when the stones Urim and Thummim drop from Santiago’s pocket… Santiago chooses to consider these events a sign, an omen which reassures that the universe conspires to help him by constantly communicating.These seemingly random events are meaningful to Santiago.


Connect to the Soul of the World

In alchemy , the Soul of the World is the interconnection between all things in the universe.The universe has a magical, beautiful way to communicate with you.Everything has a connection to another.Alchemy calls it the Soul of the World.Carl Jung calls it the collective conciousness.The soul of the world doesn’t necessarily speak in any language.It doesn’t have certain words for certain things; but it constantly speaks to you.You can hear it, see it , feel it when you are aware.The Soul of the World works for the perfection of the whole; and it can only achive perfection when all beings in the universe embrace their Personal Legends.


Live Your Personal Legend

Your personal legend is your personal calling in your life. “You are here to honor something called the miracle of life,” says Paulo Coelho.You know your personal legend in your core.Your Personal Legend is what makes a river flow through your heart, that’s when you are closest to the Soul of the World. Early into his journey, Santiago meets an old king, Melchizedek, who says to him :

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

In life we label many things as the things we want.More than often, we get confused whether it is our wish or someone else put it in our minds.When you really want something, you get excited by imagining the state of being when you achieve it.You love the action, being itself rather than what other advantages it brings to your life. When you notice you are doing something without enthusiasm , know that you are ignoring your personal legend.



When you trust your path and embrace the whole with its victories and challenges, you surrender to your Personal Legend.You don’t judge, as you know all the things are happening to you for a reason.When you flow with this trust and enthusiasm, you already know you are living your dream.As the Alchemist says the secrets he holds are in fact simple and easy to understand, so too was the treasure always at home. Your treasure lies within you the whole time.So, surrender to your dream.




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