7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Perception is everything¬† “change your world by changing your perception”

  1. Be proactive

“You are the programmer”

We are responsible for our responses and reaction which are the opportunity for happiness and and growth.

“Between stimulus and response is our greatest power: the freedom to choose”

Having purpose for the future allows us to response in a serving way today.

Love is a verb first start with the action and then the feeling follows.

“Love the feeling comes with serving and sacrificing”

  1. Start with the end in mind

“Write the program”

What is the vision? What are we

What is the principle (centred values)? How do we go about it

By answering this we can climb a ladder we actually want to rise up to

“Measure 2 cut once”

When writing a mission statement write the ends and the means (vision and principle)


Think about 4 needs:





Also consider all your roles

Take time to write the missions for yourself then the family and then everything you are in a team in.

Make sure its a collaborative process and it is always visited and not ignored


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